How can a hostess in Budapest help you?


Let's talk about hostesses! Who are they and what do they do? Hostesses are pretty girls whose job is to help those who are in unfamiliar territory. For example at an event or conference, or in the city in general.

What is NOT a hostess?

Hostesses are not escorts, they do not have erotic services.

They are not interpreters or guides, they do not have any special knowledge.

It is their presence and local knowledge that you pay for.

How can a Hungarian hostess in Hungary help you?

1. Events, promotion

If you are organising an event or a conference, you will need hostesses to direct guests, hand out flyers or manage the guest list. They are the event hostesses.

2. Entertainment, dinner

A party hostess is a good choice if you are in town alone, for example on a business trip, and don't want to go out for dinner or to a bar on your own. With a pretty girl by your side, you'll feel more comfortable, especially if she knows the area, so she'll know where to go.

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